January 31, 2020

Can a subversive local zine be effective social and spiritual activism?

Ewan Jenkins

Zine 1 - Anomy,

This zine is designed to be subversive and experimental in form, composition and content. Every aspect of the design is a kind of subversion against traditional models of publishing and poetry; the zine is local, the poems are untitled, and are framed in experimental ways that change one’s encounter with them. The zine is meant to reinvigorate the power of self-publication, particularly for unknown and local poets. This is important as it frees local artists from having to release their art through the traditional mediums of magazines or journals, where the poet’s art is filtered through a brand’s aesthetic and also subject to competition which denatures both the poet and his expression. The content of the zine is subversive. The zine is an anonymous spiritual struggle and torment, the questions and anger of a spirit. Some poems resist being quietly intoned, and the rhythm has to be listened to. But it’s subversive activity could resonate with other individual’s who find now expression to private or repressed spirits. And hopefully that finds resolution, which I hope to contribute to in successive zines. I believe poetry can be a powerful social and spiritual activism, and local zines are a great mode.