Brush PenReturn, 202024x18"

So many couples suffer silently from infertility. So many marriages live in a cycle of hope and fear, splintering and breaking a little more each month. So what does it mean to be fruitful when no child comes? This portrait of Saints Joiachim and Anne (the eventual parents of Mary the God-Barer) explores the threshold between couples whose embrace forever trembles with an unanswered question. Traditionally, the story says that after years of infertility, they took a month apart to sit in their own deserts. My own husband I I entered such a fearful month desperately hoping that the time we spent apart would not be THE month it could have happened. Was the riff between these saints too wide to conquer? Were their hearts too broken to love anymore? I wonder if they pulled apart to begin a longer seperation? I can’t say. But I can speak to the embrace upon their return. Each heard a Voice in their seperation that drew them back to each other. Before the immaculate conception of their daughter ever took place, their own division was healed. If we never concieve a child, is that healing itself a good enough fruit?