PlayGhost Town, 2020

‘Two drug-addled thieves come across the score of a lifetime during COVID-19.’ A fast-paced black comedy that deals with drug addiction, depression and anxiety in a peculiar time. ‘Ghost Town’ explores the twisted world of two desperate heroin addicts, their psychotic dealer and neurotic family man, in over his head. Boyce has been chasing his high for as long as he can remember but during lockdown the dwindling supply of heroin may force him to face the haunting past he has been running away from. Mental Mick is a psychotic drug dealer. He searches for a violent expression to his underlying mental health condition. With vulnerable addicts going cold turkey during lockdown the only person left to terrorize is himself. Norman, a successful businessman and inexperienced diamond dealer. Has taken on his new high-risk pastime to earn money during lockdown.. or is he just diverting his attention from dealing with a recent bereavement. When we’re forced to do nothing, will we search for purpose in all the wrong places? Does that purpose define us or can a selfless act redeem a lifetime of hideous behaviour?