September 27, 2019

Can a Photograph help us to connect with each other?

Ross Woodhead

PhotographyStreet Spirit: Making Connections, 20192922x 1800

Street Spirit: Making Connections is a photography project based on creativity, connection and community. Having lived in Glasgow for 10 years I wanted this project to be a way of connecting with fellow Glaswegians.

I wanted the portraits to be a snapshot of each persons life in the street where we met. I aimed to place people in a positive light as a reminder and to highlight that everyone of us has value and each of us has a story to tell. I was humbled at the warmth and openness of people, some shared very openly about their life experiences from childhood memories, mental health issues and their hopes for the future.

One gentleman, Philip, whom I met on the Gallowgate, was also out taking photographs when he asked me if I could take his photo, I then visited him at his flat in the Gorbals where we had an afternoon chatting and exchanging photos. I helped him repair some furniture and he told me about his family, his love of country music and memories of his wife who had sadly passed away.

It made me think about the beauty of photography and its power and ability to help connect people.