April 29, 2021

‘Can A Love That Has Waned Due To External Conflict Be Reignited And Retain It’s Value; Is Love A Timeless Virtue Or Is It Entirely Linear?’

Ron Cuthbert

PoetryThe Phoenix, 2021

In my piece, The Phoenix, I attempt to explore my own feelings regarding a love that has waxed and waned due to external influence. By mythologizing the subject I hope to imply not that the focus of my affection is mythical but that love itself has a timeless, eternal quality outside of our casual understand of space/time. I believe love is a metaphysical force that acts on us even when we do not wish to acknowledge it and that even when a love is tarnished it can be renewed and reconfirmed and still hold its innate value. I hope to illustrate this by only referring to love in the present tense and the tarnishing of love in the past tense. If love simply “is” it’s tarnishing can only happen in the past.