Crisp Packets And Drinks CansCan A Crisp Packet Save A Life?, 2021Size 20 woman's Dress and 65 inch square wearable tent

Huge volumes of rubbish are currently growing throughout the world due to our throw-away attitudes and destructive wastefulness. This project challenges the public’s attitudes on sustainability and recycling, the importance of which is difficult for the people of the world to accept. Reusing and recycling materials in a creative way is not seen as a visually pleasing concept. My intention is to change this. The dress is a fashion piece that demonstrates how crisp packets have a practical use in advertising. The wearable tents are a life-saving product using the same materials. From the catwalk to the mountainside! Making products out of drinks cans and crisp packets does give “rubbish” second life, but the tent could possibly give a second life to a human being. I needed to reach out to the community to get hundreds of crisp packets. This encouraged families to collect crisp packets and give them to their postman each week. Actually seeing the rubbish that they would normally have thrown in the bin had a psychological impact on a town in West Lothian. If we are going to make reuse and recycle more than just buzzwords we need to work on changing our psychological.