January 28, 2020

By preserving and passing down stories between generations can we learn from our collective history?

Jack Nurse | Robbie Gordon, 26

Digital Archivewww.549.scot, 2019

The Wonder Fools digital archive was born out of our theatre show, 549: Scots of the Spanish Civil War. The play tells the true story of four of the 549 Scots that volunteered as part of the International Brigade. The production toured the UK in summer 2019. This website aims to preserve and celebrate the stories of the other men and women that volunteered as part of the Spanish Civil War who were not mentioned in our play. Wonder Fools interviewed historians, family members of volunteers and members of the International Brigade Memorial Trust around the UK and captured their stories to preserve them before they are lost. The archive exists as a memorial to be continually engaged with that will grow as we gather more memories and stories. This work is an artistic collaboration between theatre-makers Robbie Gordon and Jack Nurse, numerous historians, musicians VanIves, visual artist Orlando Lloyd and web developer Neil Scott. We hope this cross-disciplinary approach allows people to engage with the work on a variety of different levels to reflect, enlighten and empower. It is important to us as artists that we learn from our as history and do not condemn ourselves to repeat it. You may view the Digital Archive here.