Petal and Lifeboat, 2019

My poetry represents my experience of having a mental illness. Part 1, Petal, written in 2017, tells a story of the desperation, helplessness and difficulty to come to terms with my illness. It felt as though my mental illness was engulfing me. It did for a while, consuming me and my faith. Part 2, Lifeboat, written in 2018-2019, shares my reflection of moving away from the acute stages of my illness. It reflects on the hope that began to rise within me while still acknowledging the struggles I continued to live through. The two pieces together expose some of the inner most thoughts that I accumulated during a very distressing and challenging time. I still write poetry and while its nature is now changing, I still very much reflect through those eyes of brokenness. Poetry has helped me make sense of my internal turmoil and recognise the light in the darkest places.