April 3, 2021

Breeding For Money Or Living Art?

Myrin Robertson

Oil And Polystyrene Balls On MDFReptile Expo, 2019120 x 96cm

‘Reptile Expo’ is a piece that challenges whether it is ethically correct to captive breed snakes for quick income or if they are considered as living art. The practice of snake morphing is when snake breeders carefully alter the genetics of the reptile to ensure that the colour and/ or pattern of the snake changes through the means of cross-breeding. The parallels between creating a new morph of snake and creating a painting are somewhat alike. The way an artist carefully considered every aspect of a piece before even touching a brush to canvas is the same as a snake breeder. The way the colours are mixed and considered, the same. The way the final outcomes are considered a masterpiece, it’s the same. The way they’re sold and priced, it’s the same. Although many can see this practice as being questionable, to see the time and effort people put into their work, whether it is alive or not, the passion for their art is what really isn’t questionable.