Installation, video, sculptureVictory Bread, 2019

Tactile, sensory and durational; the three intrinsic elements of my food-based practice, but also of bread itself. I have been looking to bread as a vehicle to gain insight into history, and the traditions and rituals bread can signify. My installation presents the grain’s social function as a means of storytelling; one which initiates and fuels our cultural memory.

The kitchen environment points to the role of women and domesticity. Working with bread as a focus and medium has enabled me to create tactile, sensory and economical sculptures. Bread’s evocative suppleness means that it can be depicted as a symbol for universality, presenting itself as a quintessential kitchen staple. Yet it also highlights the variance of tradition, social exchange, and issues around consumerism & consumption. Bread sustains us, both nutritionally and culturally.