June 27, 2022

Brattish Britpop Urchin

Abigail Osborne

CollageBrattish Britpop urchin, 2022297*420 mm

This piece of work is an autobiographical piece. The image is a photograph of myself aged 10, in Traflagar Square feeding two pigeons, made into a collage. The imagery used in the collage is significant. I have included some musicians and text about bands because I love music and I wish I was able to explore my own musical creativity. The text surrounding my art is also autobiographical but also playful. I refer to the past as well as the future. I am in my late forties, but in some ways I am still a child, maybe I am a mediaeval witch, maybe I am fused to social media technology. I want to inspire and be the best version of myself but I am also out for cold blooded revenge. This is a playful pieceā€¦ read what you want, take away from it what you will.