July 7, 2022

Boy Wild; Is There a Chance For Our Rewilding?

Ashley Nieuwenhuizen

Coloured pencilBoy Wild, 202242 cm X 55 cm

Within our lifetime, will we ever have the opportunity to competely submerge ourselves into the wild? As yellow giants tear down trees like soulless, oil-driven dinosaurs, and city smoke dulls our skies with putrid shades of grey, will all that remains be in the form of static pictures and stories of these wild places, no more? This drawing emerged during a period of isolation and as each character came to light, there it dawned, an unconscious homage to Rudyard Kipling. This piece depicts the symbiosis of various living species alongside a young boy who in his arms, holds an injured owl, the wisest of all creatures. Is it something to fear in what their eyes fall upon; a wilderness collapsing? Perhaps a true tale of what lies inside all of us: a knowledge and fate of the destruction of these incredible environments, but also a yearning for rewilding. This is something that lifts my soul and carries it away on untamed wings. Let us not forget the wildness of our inner selves, and the environment(s) that once nurtured us in all its earthly forms.