November 21, 2019

Body Image in an Image-conscious world?

Jenni Watters, 52

Fat ugly disgusting old
Droopy tits, fat belly and arse
My Facebook ads suggest uplifting bras
Plus size tights, and stomach control…

You have such a lovely personality
I like big women
Have you considered the 5:2 diet.
Slim fast, slimming world or bulimia

Always apologising for myself
for taking too much space
Trying to be smaller, littler, lighter
To shrink and disappear
So much of me

I need it all to protect myself
The things that happened
That make me scared
I’m not safe
But now I’m not a proper woman

I’m a thing, a blob
A personality in a bag,
Such a pretty face
A kindly soul
Good old Jen

I fight for women’s rights
I fight for the right to be whoever we please
To love and be kind
And yet to myself I secretly whisper
You fat disgusting cow
(A small almost imperceptible voice whispers back
But you have wings)

Betsy, 2019Sculpture, Builders foam, plaster of Paris and paper macheApprox 1.5metres by 90cm