January 27, 2017

Blackboard Study

James Reddish


This piece really is the link between my study in Astrophysics and my love and passion for art. Working on a blackboard, as all good physicists do, I have studied the work by Fibonacci looking at the ‘Golden ratio’ and the sequences that we have actually found in nature. I have then worked out and worked with Newton’s Law of Gravitation. I won’t go into the maths but with this I could then calculate the orbits and trajectories of the planets in the solar system.

 Mapping them out on the board I found an almost suggestive link to the ‘Golden ratio’ embedded in the orbital radii of the planets which leads nicely onto my second point; The beauty in the universe and in the physical world around us. How is it that something as arbitrary as the planetary orbits should be set out in a beautiful way that can be put down to something as simple as numbers in a sequence. Something like physics or maths may seem bland and dull on the surface but as you go deeper you find a lot more. You find a hidden beauty in the way they describe our world. I really feel that there is a great link between Physics and Maths and Art and that is really what I have tried to portray here, the beauty and the art within Physics and the universe around us.


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