Acrylic and inkBlack Fruit, 202240.5 x 51cm

Black Fruit is my most recent in a series of floral paintings that challenge the tradition floral depictions in art. I’m drawn again and again to flowers and plants as I find them so powerful and expressive. The perfect marriage of beauty and decay from budding then bloom to their demise and wilt. I think I almost see flowers as an allegory for humanity. I don’t draw people to express sadness or make a political statement, I say it through my paintings of flowers. This piece is titled Black Fruit – something gone to waste. An opportunity that was never realised. It’s far from a positive piece, however, like fruit, there’s hope after the decay in that a remnant seed can remain. Another chance. The dawn after the dark. There’s fatal imagery within the flower itself offering a taste of hope as when all is said and done, hope is all we have.