December 19, 2016

Biro Blue Jay

Jade Elizabeth Duffield


My piece ‘biro blue jay’ explores my self-direction in art, covering freedom and creativity. I created this piece as a developmental sketch which lead to playing with media and experimentation with drawing birds in general. My obsession with birds isn’t just a fascination but a further study onto the issue of freedom. Current society deals with people who claim to feel ‘trapped’ in their day to day lives and birds are often a common symbol of freedom to many people. To me- birds aren’t just a sense of freedom from life’s stress and troubles but freedom in creativity. Birds may appear to be simple feathered creatures but in all honesty, they are much more than that. In my work I portray birds or in this case ‘biro blue jay’ in black biro using quick abrasive lines to add character. Each bird I draw whether it’s softly drawn or brightly painted not only delves into how beautiful and exotic a bird can be but expresses my freedom in being creative. To those people who always told me ‘I can’t’ or ‘I won’t’ I can say I did. I did manage to create a sense of freedom and expand my creativity.