July 24, 2022

Behind The Itch

Abbie Polland

PrintBehind the Itch, 2022

‘Behind the Itch’ aims to break down the stigma and change perceptions surrounding skin conditions. By creating a photographic newspaper that has real people with a skin condition within it will give others the confidence to do the same. It will show non-skin condition sufferers that it is more than “just an itch” as by people talking about and showing their skin will break that stigma. I am changing the narrative surrounding skin conditions. I am so grateful to everyone who was a part of this project. There is a whole community of people who have a skin condition and are normalising it. They are showing their skin and are proud of what they have been able to achieve whilst also struggling with their skin. From doing this project has made me realise that having a skin condition isn’t something to hide. We should be embracing our differences.