January 21, 2017

Beauty Is Pain

Amber Miller


My piece, entitled “Beauty is Pain” evokes various values from the category Humanity; particularly unity with nature and a world of beauty. My piece was designed to encourage an end to animal testing, an issue I feel strongly about, thus encouraging protecting the environment and unity with all living creatures on the earth to protect their rights, which is why this side of the image is drawn in a realistic style using pencils for the rabbit and markers for the syringe. It also deals with the harshness of the beauty industry, as I choose to draw the women using markers to create an airbrushed, flawless appearance as a commentary on the overuse of Photoshop within the beauty industry, so the piece not only encourages kindness towards the earth but also kindness towards yourself. The title, while primarily referring to the animal testing aspect of the image, also serves as appropriate for this attack on the standards of the beauty industry, as it reminds the viewer of the fakeness of ads and that no one truly resembles the flawless creations of beauty ads. The call for equality evoked in my image is a value I feel is key in the world.