January 26, 2019

Beauty is more than skin deep, why isn’t society?

Rachael Smith


Women are beautiful. This statement is true, but it does not mean that attractiveness is the only attribute that can, or should, be used to measure women. However, society’s focus on women regularly only runs skin deep and, as much as we try to fight against it, air-brushed photo shoots and endless edited magazine images do succeed in manipulating the way we view our own body. This in turn has the dangerous ability to make us value ourselves on nothing more than our physical appearance, rather than where our true value lies: beneath the skin. In this piece of writing I focus on some examples of intrinsic qualities such as kindness and strength that we all posses and yet so often forget to fully appreciate. As beautiful as the ocean is, it is its power and strength that is awe-inspiring. I hope this piece of writing inspires and encourages women to challenge ‘beauty’ misrepresentation in media, and reminds women that we too are powerful oceans – society is only scraping the surface. We need to hold society accountable for not only how they portray women, but also how they make us feel in our own bodies.