January 11, 2020

At what point does a story become history?

David McMahon, 40

When I began this short story I wanted to write my own myth that drew from an interest in Greek and Norse legends. Its science fiction setting helped me to explore certain themes of memory, loneliness and storytelling, but I also quickly realised it was channeling my thoughts and concerns on the world we currently live in; a world that I feel is increasingly slipping from our grasp. In a time where every nauseating detail of our lives can be stored and played back in perfect detail, I find myself considering how much of our history has been learned through stories, myths and legends. How much has it changed from person to person, country to country over thousands of years? There is a saying that history is only written by the victors and, if there’s any truth in that, how much of history can we really take at face value?

Tales From The Amphitheatre, 2020Short story