April 29, 2020

At the very heart of pain-ting we find pain but why do poets like our hero Eddie Morgan live through the agonies of a troubled life and find love that he shared with such exhilarating tenderness and beauty?

Thom Cross

AcrylicFinding art in the heart of the hurt, 2020

In art we can find personal (social?) therapy in creating (objectifying) the pain of loss through painting and by making that image, release it from the subconscious and so help with the psychological trauma of deep loss. Yet in my painful image of grief through losing there are signs of a determination to come through the darkness and agony of the past and find hope. Do we consciously try to seek out the romantic optimism of hope through art? The incredibly erudite poet Eddie Morgan recognised in this the century of his birth, faced decades of isolation and despair with the ever present threat of prison and ostracism for his gay ‘secret love’. Yet through his 90 years he was able to retain a deep love for humanity and found personal love, love of nation and a love of art. He produced an extraordinary range of remarkable writing, maintaining a determination to be innovative even controversial while retaining a clear-eyed intense belief that Art can heal. At this dreich time, can the community of artist be bold enough while helping to heal: surely art lives in the heart of the hurt.