January 29, 2020

Asemic writing – is appearance enough?

Carol McKay, 64 | Keith McKay, 66

Asemic writing – is appearance enough? From a distance, asemic writing resembles words on a page and we want to understand them. But while asemic writing might look like text, it’s usually devoid of meaning. It’s non sense. It’s a paradox. Documents in scripts we are unable to decipher – such as hieroglyphics or runes, or maybe Arabic or Urdu – are luminous examples of human creativity and artifice. A medieval manuscript is beautiful, but is that enough? And can Mein Kampf ever be beautiful just because it’s printed in German Gothic script? By consisting of an asemic artwork generated by computer code from a meaningful text, this entry grapples with duality. Is asemic writing art? Is asemic art writing? Fundamentally, is it the artist and writer’s role to direct meaning, or to enable individuals to intuit it how they will? Do you want to know what this artwork means, or is appearance enough?

Is appearance enough?, 2020Asemic text and Digital artA3 (29.7 x 42cm)