January 26, 2017

As The Sea Rolls

Sam Welch


This piece is composed around loop based guitar and draws influences from ambient acoustica and Americana style genres. The message of this composition is aimed towards the inner frustration which can be when found when expressing one’s self through creative means whilst simultaneously driving yourself to breakthrough this frustration and emerge successful. However, I much prefer to leave meaning up to interpretation and therefore have only contained a preliminary bound of emotion and direction within the song, giving the listener the creative freedom to interpret the song however they feel benefits them personally.  The most interesting challenge I encountered when creating this piece was the limits I had constructed for myself which were to use solely guitar, shaker and signing bowl to create an entire EP. This forced me to implement very interesting examples of sound design to create interesting textures and dynamics which really convey a scene of the unconventional. Creating this piece really helped me to both develop greatly as a musician and has allowed me to further develop my mixing style. I hope that this piece can extend the drive towards self-development and inspiration that had such an impact on me onto others who may discover it. 


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