July 9, 2020

As Covid 19 is changing the way we live and what we do, can this lockdown be an opportunity for a “new world order” ?

Angela Shields

Poetry and digital imageDaffodils and the Dragon, 2020n/a

My poem is a parody of the poem by William Wordworth, “The Daffodils”, where I compare the idyllic setting, where we see the poet “wandering lonely as a cloud” as he sees “a host of golden daffodils fluttering and dancing in the breeze ” in contrast with the threatening reality of the covid-19 pandemic which comes in the form of “the dragon of the day”. The poem is illustrated with a digital image of a fierce dragon hovering over the world with the earth covered in daffodils, as apposed to virus spikes, to signifying new life and hope and perhaps a “new world order “.