October 31, 2019

As a society, how can we be more aware of other people who are dealing with Social Anxieties?

Sean-Paul Thomas Cairns

Short StorySarah, 2019Social Anxiety

The message of my quirky, humorous and mildly romantic short story, is to venture and explore, a few days into the mindset and life of a young woman who suffers from social anxieties and the extremes she will go to in order to avoid any kind of human or social interactions with strangers, friends and neighbors.

I think it is important to write about people with social anxieties because most of us are far too judgemental of others in this day and age and far too quick to dismiss people who seem/look or act different from the social norm.

All this story is trying to do is to ask people to think more about what is going on in other people’s lives before making a damning judgment of someone who acts differently from them.