April 30, 2021

‘Aren’t We A Celebration?’

Katheryne Morrison

Pigment, Graphite, InkA Dance Of Forms, 2021305x228mm

Over the course of lockdown, I have seen a number of my peers struggle with their self-identity and self-image. For some this has been a welcome re-appraisal of daily routines and rituals and an invitation to challenge societal norms; but for many, this has been a struggle wrought with harsh judgments on themselves or dissatisfaction over the way their bodies have changed throughout lockdown. I spent many hours of my lockdown drawing bodies in all sizes, forms, and movements through life-drawing classes. The human form is a thing of beauty and if it changes to reflect our struggles and joys then we should celebrate the changes and how our bodies have continued to carry us. This drawing is a celebration of the bodies that have carried us all through a difficult year-wobbly, floppy, crunchy, twisty bits and all!