January 28, 2022

Are You Sure You See Everything?

Angelika Kallai

For My Baby, 2021

We live on the Earth. We see the sky, breath the air, taste the food, hear the birds and touch objects. We use the five senses. Are you sure you sense everything with these? Everybody has heard the phrases: “Listen to your heart”, “I had an intuition”. Maybe you have heard stories about people who fell ill, had an accident, or broke down without any apparent reason.

There are some mothers, who became depressed after giving birth to a healthy, beautiful child, while other mothers did not. And there is one reason for this: hormones. BUT there is more than you can see with your five senses! And mothers – especially after giving birth – are more sensitive to intuitions, to the voice of the heart. They feel what doctors, scans very often are not able to recognise. A mother can feel that she had more than one baby in her womb. She knows she lost her child. There is no “normal” evidence, just the feeling, the loss. This affects her connection with the newborn baby and with the whole family. There is more than you can see, there is more than just body and objects! It is time to re-discover!