Audio-Visual ProductionMakin' Bread, 2021

COVID-19 has forced us all to reflect upon the fragility of human life, our interdependence and collective accountability. Through performance, live drawing, verbatim and music, Makin’ bread establishes humanity’s interconnectedness and mirrors our temporal and transient state set in the background of our respective quarantine. The work captures my friend, 91-year-old Dorothy, living at Maryfield West Care Home in Aberdeen. Dorothy moved into the home in 2018 and used to be a head mistress. With the help of one of Dorothy’s carers, Evelina, we recorded Dorothy’s side of one of our telephone conversations during the first lockdown. The conversation highlights Dorothy’s beautiful Scottish verbatim and gentle nature, whilst appealing to the audience to imagine the rest of the dialogue. As Dorothy talks her portrait unfolds with self-referential repeat through my own face. The work catches and reverberates the last moments of Dorothy’s life, as she died just weeks before care homes could reopen to visits from selected family members. Dorothy reflects many stories during the pandemic. Many who have missed or lost something or someone, and who have had to adapt and find new ways of living and staying in touch. How we take things for granted. How vulnerable we are.