January 8, 2020

Are you strong enough to show yourself kindness?

Shuna Lovelle | Michael Dodds, 27 | Nick Cook, 54

Music & VideoLittle Love Birds, 2019

Kindness. The fear of revealing yourself yet being judged is immense – trust me, I know! In a day and age where a quarter of the British population have experienced cyberbullying, is it any wonder 1 in 6 young people experience anxiety of some kind? I somehow highly doubt it. It understandably seems easier to get by as you appear and are already accepted by society. To not risk the horrors of judgement and ridicule. To keep your head down and keep quiet. However, we also live in a day and age, where taking that leap of faith is starting to be seen as brave and empowering – being yourself, your true self, is praised. You CAN be loved for who you are. But can you put trust in yourself? Can you show yourself kindness? You should. You can!! Musically, our mind replays our internal fears, dark and gritty. We need that voice above the noise. Uplifting words of encouragement to push for believing in yourself and taking that leap of faith. Human beings, sadly still need lessons in kindness. So here’s to strength.