January 30, 2021

Are You Still There?

Divya Parkash

PoetryGhost Town, 2021

Are you still there?/Ghost Town is a reflective piece on relationships during the pandemic.

This piece reflects on feelings of loneliness, maintaining relationships through changes, and experiencing companionship through a different lens. This came about when I spoke to individuals of all ages about how they felt during lockdown. Due to social distancing and the lockdown, it has been difficult to give and receive love in ways that we are used to regardless whether people live together or apart.

People miss having relationships, whether it is platonic, romantic or familial. Some relationships have flourished and some drifted apart. Some people have withdrawn within themselves, some desperately reaching out, some numb – and this piece is a reflection of that and how we connect with one another. Ghost town reflects the absence felt physically within a town to depict emotional absence and feelings of being lost, although finding some sort of footing and restitution towards the end by accepting the changes.