January 26, 2017

Are You Scared of Changes?

Chi Vo


Alphonse Mucha once said: ‘Artist is a collector’. Maybe, just maybe, he would recognise myself as being an artist as well because … I am a collector of my own memory.

Ten houses, six schools, four cities and two countries; that’s where I have spent my time over the last seventeen years.

I moved to the UK in 2012. Five years might sound short to some people however; to me, it is long enough for me to understand the difficulties that international students have to go through. This animated video tells a story about a change that significantly turned my life into a new page. The reflection of this hard time gives me a very strong motive to keep on creating art, to follow my passion despite the discouragement from others and most importantly, to be myself.

I used a fairly simple and childish drawing style in this animation, which I was inspired by the S1 students that I have been tutoring. This unrefined, fun drawing style reminds me of my childhood and the time I drew when I was a little girl.