July 16, 2019

Are you running away from yourself?

Tarmo Hietala, 28

When we as an individuals face new challenges in life, we sometimes tend to crash under the pressure. We are afraid to confront that scary dragon which threatens the status quo. But as much we try to escape it, as much we bring forth the worst of us. We lose ourselves in the battle against ourselves, because what we usually don’t realize, the actual enemy is inside us. And the only way to vanquish it, is to face it.

When we finally turn around to confront that dragon, we realize that it was actually our ally. It was a holy challenge, bigger and stronger than the old self of us and it helped us to rise up as a new self, stronger and better than the old. So, after confronting that beast of life, we actually kill our old self and give birth to a new one. A new self, which doesn’t fall in the same traps as the old self would have fallen.

We renew ourselves through those challenges of life and through that pain and suffering which always includes in those challenges. And in the end, that dragon is always lurking around the next corner, ready to challenge you again and ready to consume your old self. So face it. Again and again, because you cannot escape it. It is you from the future.

Renewal, 2019Drawing which is polished digitally.