February 1, 2019

Are you ready to actually fight for a better future?

Sabrina Tuerschmann, 23

That our oceans are swamped with plastic is not a secret, you see pictures of turtles with plastic straws in their noses or beaches covered with plastic waste or birds trapped in plastic can-holders all the time. We all know about it but how much do we actually do in our daily lives to make a change? How many people break these can holders before they throw them in the bin?
Sadly I’ve noticed plastic pollution in a lot places all around the world, and often it is the remotest places that are affected. When I moved to the UK however, I was seriously shocked by how much is packed in single-use and non-recyclable plastic packaging in this country.
My project started with the thought of upcycling. I wanted to turn something harmful into something useful and beautiful. I made various pieces of jewellery and the feather headdress you can see in the photograph. The idea of wearing the feather crown as a warrior’s mask came later when my sister and I took photos with it.
It sends a clear message: We need to stand up and fight in the war against plastic and for a better future.
Every little bit helps.