‘Crumble’ comes from the understanding that certain things need to be let go of in order for us to grow.

Sometimes the thing you are holding on to dearly is the thing that is holding you back. The energy you put into preserving a part of your identity and personhood can find a more fruitful direction if you are willing to let it fall apart when it is stagnant and, renew it when life changes, rather than letting this energy be consumed by dead ends.

Of course, this is never easy – in that regard we are always learning to adapt to the ‘defeats’ that we are dealt. These obstacles to our ideals humble us and create the common struggle in which we all share. However, it is easy for us to be left feeling hollow and isolated in a world of ever increasing echo chambers amplified by the internet and lockdown.

Opinions are polarised to the point where it seems as though the opposing sides are from alternate realities. Reconciliation will be impossible if we forget how alike we all are in our susceptibility to hold on to the wrong things too tightly.