January 16, 2020

Are you living your own life?

Georgia Maxwell, 19

My entry explores the theme of identity and what that means to a trans woman. This painting is a self-portrait. Portraiture is inherently a communication of one’s identity. However, as a transgender woman, the subject of identity has long been a cause of conflict. In my life, there was the identity I knew innately and the identity I adopted. Through transitioning I was able to renounce the identity that was chosen for me. Reject the script that was written for me. And live my own life; for myself. It has become clear to me that in life one has two choices. To live for one’s self or to live as others expect. It has also become clear that this idea is not specific to gender. We all fall victim to the expectations of others. Society, friends, family, tradition and convention. The only guarantee we are granted in this life is our last day and to get to that day without having lived fully in the pursuit of one’s own contentment is the greatest misfortune one can imagine; that is why it is indispensable that one completely lives one’s own life.

Self, 2019Acrylic on Canvas36" x 48"