October 15, 2019

Are you listening?

Sophie Misslin, 16

Speak to me is a piece that I have always wanted to do. I have been painting portraits and figurative art for a while, but the lips always fascinated me. I removed any superfluous details or indicators that could influence the audience and instead concentrate on the mouth. By closing up on the lips I let the viewer decide what is happening. I also wanted to convey a certain heat by using radiant oranges and electric blues to enhance the glow of the lips. The loose brushstrokes and scrapes are there to not distract the viewer and to focus mesmerically on the mouth.
Even the title is open to interpretation and I didn’t want to define who is the me in the title Speak to me. Is it the audience or the picture, is to the painting to talk to the audience, or is it the painting asking the audience to talk? the corner of the mouth is left slightly opened but could they even be saying anything?

Speak to me, 2019Oil painting on canvas30cm x 25cm