January 29, 2022

Are You Listening to the Trees?

Pamela Tait

Pencil on PaperThe Fairy Glen, 202036.5 x 34.5cm

I am going to tell you how the trees taught me to embrace my imagination. The imagery in my artwork comes through the process of exploring the form and shapes of trees, where within the mass of branches, I discover a community of ‘beings’ who emanate a sense of fun, community, acceptance and love. I recently began working on a couple of projects where I would be creatively responding to words. Excited to push my artistic boundaries I was also anxious about what my art work would look like if trees weren’t the source of inspiration. I decided an experiment was needed. With my pencils, I began creating marks and tone on paper, rubbing these out and then drawing some more. Slowly, eyes, then a face, then a clothed body appeared out of my scribbles. The trees had sharpened my eyes and got me nice and familiar with these ‘beings’. The process of exploring their form enabled a greater sense of connection not just with nature, but within myself. With a heart full of love, I realised the trees had taught me to embrace my imagination, as I now knew that this imagery came from deep within me.