February 3, 2021

Are You Hopeful That Future Generations Will Evolve In The Proficiency Of Parenting?

Laura Hay

PoemThis Be The Reply, 2021

‘This Be The Verse’ has provoked me to respond as if to my own child. Why?

Perhaps since it truly resonates with how I have felt both as the child and, as I grew older, a Mother. I believe, during the growing up phase, we do tend to question our parents behaviours and methods of parenting; thinking all the while that we know better and would do better at it too!

In reality, as I soon found, life is full of challenges. Challenges for me as an individual trying to work out my own beliefs and values, followed by the added responsibility of nurturing for others.

You can only offer what you know; therefore, you can only ‘reap what you sow’. Indeed, many other surrounding factors affect one’s own attitude toward a parent or child too. As the world grows and society changes, the environment influences the seeds of nurture. I truly believe we intend to grow a healthy sustainable crop, but we are not all farmers nor can we control the weather! Perhaps the need to blame will only cease through acceptance. Perhaps only reflection will instil the next generation.