March 3, 2020

Are you grieving?

Stewart Calder, 34

Outside stand!! Raise your head high. Glare into the dark of the night sky. First star that you see isn’t a coincidence, have confidence in yourself and trust there’s a significance. It’s me you’ve encountered all be at a distance. Watching with pride observing your existence. Vivid, luminous, blinding I send the light. Look up you can’t miss me I’m dazzling so bright. My spirit has transformed although still the same. Eternal life proceeds just a different sparkle!! I’ve still got my name. Fixated, fascinated, fearful to forget. Thoughts we have parted, an illusion, no need to be upset. Rollercoaster of emotions both happy and sad, remember our past but look to the future be positive and glad. Talk to me whenever,”LOOK UP” I listen, laughing or crying we’re experiencing it forever……………… I chose this portrait I drew of Fernando Ricksen because most people know his story and the battle he went through before passing away. The glare in his eyes into the distance, the figure at the bottom resonates for me that journey we all will take and the bravery he had. The poem I wrote, I think expresses the journey after losing a loved one and helps the grieving process.

Are you grieving?, Graphite