December 1, 2019

Are YOU Dyscalculiar?

Jennifer McLellan, 49

To explain the effect of having ‘trouble with numbers’ (ie, being Dyscalculic), verbally, never truly hits the mark. So I painted what my experience is. The picture is messy, quickly executed, a mosh mash of confusion and yet, explicit! And it perfectly encapsulates what it is to be Dyscalculic. I can say that with complete conviction, as others, who are also Dyscalculic, have endorsed my painting as a true depiction of this condition. Some, because they instantly connected with it, others, discovering for the first time, a painting that totally describes their frustration of/with numbers. Oh Yes! Not widely recognised as a condition but that is changing. I like to believe that my painting can progress that process. Calling it number dyslexia is but short shrift. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

The work speaks for itself and can be heard clearly by those who experience Dyscalculia. For others, it helps them to understand the validity of numerical dysfunction. The painting was an idea that eventually exploded onto the canvas and became an amazing and exciting release. Lots of fun making this condition visible.

Dycalculiarism, Acrylic on box canvas40x30 cm