Recycled Lamp Post Heads, Mdf, Vinyl, Mild SteelThe Watchers, 20212.5m (H) x 1.5m (W) approx.

Mass Surveillance is almost ubiquitous within our present day, it dominates our lives; it’s on every street, in every screen and is a near constant presence in our digital age – the issue of surveillance is all-encompassing and complex. Exploring both 2D and 3D, through drawing, photography and sculpture, my practice focuses on the presence and prevalence of surveillance within our society and surroundings. I allude to the notion that surveillance is everywhere and within everything, paying particular attention to urban infrastructure such as lamp posts, and how they ‘oversee’ everything from a vantage point. The work intends to anthropomorphise them and suggest that they too, are watching us: the metaphorical embodiment of surveillance. I aim to weave a metaphorical, speculative fiction with reality where within this narrative, these lamp posts watch over us all, like living things or technologically advanced beings. Usually, you look at a lamp post and feel a sense of warmth and safety, a light to aim for in the dark, or perhaps they go unnoticed. Presented within this context, these mundane objects, can now be perceived as a threat or an enemy: portraying surveillance as ubiquitous, enveloping our everyday lives.