Wool FeltWool Felted Waterfall, 202078 cm x 38 cm

Twenty years ago, crying, I wept to my sister: “I am an Island!” Disconnected, discombobulated, isolated and lonely, with a black, clouded mind, over-shadowing my Island. That was me. However, I am sure many people will have experienced these feelings and perhaps still are today! I valued the lockdown, having had the epiphany about getting out more into nature. Now, I feel like: “I am a Waterfall!” Primed, energised, replenished, renewed. I hope you connect to my symbolic waterfall. Imagine liquid consciousness, the matrix, those threads of light, deeper connectedness we can have with nature, its habitat, creatures and one another. Many people will have had many experiences, due to COVID – 19. According to the World Health Organisation, statistics show that one person in six suffers from common issues such as anxiety and depression; which has been spiking due to it. Felt is recognised as the very oldest fabric crafted by human hands, predating knitting and weaving; going back to Turkey, 6,500 BC and this waterfall represents my multi-faceted message and journey, as Pilgrims once gathered fleece to warm their feet, walking new pastures, so can we with a positive mind-set.