January 19, 2020

Are women hard-wired to hate their bodies?

Christina Webber, 27

As a teenager I lived above a newsagents and our living-room was always full of chat mags. The voice of these magazines was that of the cool kid you’re scared of but are desperate to impress. They printed grainy images of people’s flesh in folds, celebrating cruelty and selling celebrities’ inability to be perfect. Me and my mum read these magazines and worried about ‘how fat we were getting’. Going to work I would hear the chefs making fun of fat customers, fat staff, we had to get changed in a communal changing room and once a colleague came in, pointed at my bare stomach and laughed: ‘Chrissy’s brought a spare tyre to work!’ Making this film was an attempt to un-learn the negativity I had amassed toward my 23 year old body. I don’t for a second imagine that my adolescent experience was much different to the millions of other young women that must also experience scrutiny, ridicule, paranoia, public and private criticism over their presentation of themselves. It is so ingrained into our society that it takes time and work to realise their is a problem to begin with. This film marks the beginning of that work.

Self - conscious, 2016