January 20, 2021

Are we too dependent on the internet?

Molly Arbuthnott

Are we too dependent on the internet?, 2021

It took a lot of snow, and a faulty phone, to make me question whether, as a nation, we are too dependent on the internet. An induced five day internet detox forced me to look at the world, and the way I live in it, very differently from the way I had before. It allowed time for old habits, long forgotten, to come back into my life again and for family time to once more take precedence over screen time. I think it is important for everyone to reflect on their use of the internet, especially at the moment during lockdown, and ensure that it remains a healthy, not obsessive, balance. It is all too easy to slip into bad habits but, with discipline, it is possible to use the internet as the useful tool it is without becoming dependent on it.