January 20, 2020

Are we ‘to be or not to be’ in a shaman projection?

Luis Magill

Short filmWhole everlasting fractual symetry, 2019

Are we ‘to be or not to be’ in a shaman projection. Binary born we copy, reject, accept, hate, cooperate, isolate, build, destroy, make life, kill life, ultimately we chose. If the Earth is a melting, ice-covered particle in a Galaxy spat from a black hole, and we are a biological program that strikes the flint, that lights the bomb, that blows the Earth in the trajectory of a black hole of everlasting perpetual time and we are on our way back on the breath in like a fire ball shooting star  – then don’t panic it’s all meant to be and we are the finale of our true purpose. Many people experience a positive relationship with fire, in the flickering flame of a candle or a camp fire or the big bangs, lighting the darkness with fireworks, unaware all carbon multiplies as it ascends and resides for a hundred years, choking the fast becoming barren and ever hotter Earth. Now that we are COP 26 Glasgow 2020, will we be more aware of our choices and are we prepared for the biggest gathering of informative, colorful, scientific, artistic and peaceful individuals Scotland has ever hosted, where art thou?