April 28, 2021

‘Are We Threshold People, Disorientated And In-Between?’

Lise Olsen

AudioThe Land Beyond Our Window., 2021

On March 11, 2020, The World Health Organization declared the novel coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic. This happening has changed many people’s lives. In some ways, our lives have been put on hold, a pause. I believe the anthropologist Victor Turner would describe this as a liminal space. I question are we threshold people, disorientated and in-between? Everyday I spent time looking out my window; watching wildlife and listening to the eerie silence of my world. The landscape seemed to have changed, like a pause or an in-between space. I wondered if I could capture this surrealist tale. I began interviewing people on Zoom. I composed fragmented conversations with a mix of field recordings and electroacoustic music. I wanted to reflect on the rhythms and patterns of everyday life during the lockdown. The stories are told by people looking at the land beyond their window. They illuminate the spaces of their neighbourhood and discuss what they have lost and what they have gained. It is important to highlight in-between feelings of everyday life at this unusual time. Future generations will ask about this pandemic.