June 28, 2019

Are we teaching addiction to children?

Sarah Ogilvie, 20

This painting explores the issue of children’s obesity and society’s addiction to sugar. Looking at the use of child friendly mascots to promote sugar produce designed to appeal specifically to children, resulted in my experimentation of visualisation by dripping toys in honey. This painting uses chiaroscuro to create an eerie feel and highlight the sinister side of these friendly mascots. Studies have shown that there is a correlation in brain hormones released when consuming sugar and cocaine. Are companies increasing sugar in children’s produce to promote addiction for their monetary gain? This large-scale painting directly confronts the viewer and creates a sense of unease. Research is important in my work as I visualise current social issues into my painting. The ambiguity of the imagery shows the hidden truth of what we receive through the media. Without individuals researching broadly into current affairs, the media provides a smoothed sugar coated version. Part of my artistic decision is to make the viewer question what they see, and to question the reality of society and the mass media gatekeeping the information we receive. My painting pays homage to painters of the Baroque period by utilising the same painting style – reflected onto modern society.

Stay Puft
Oil on board