October 31, 2019

Are we strong enough to run away from reality?

Sofia Naydenova

It will soon be morning,

The desire for freedom has always been a significant part of human nature. Especially in the modern days that we live in, where what’s commonly accepted that normal does not necessary resonate with every human being’s vision for happy life. In such an environment, the most obvious solution seems to be escape. The idea for salvation often comes to us as ideal, perfect, heavenly but reality hits us at the end or, in this case, at the beginning of the day.
Fear is an often underestimated but powerful human emotion, it can save you from disaster but it can also prevent you from taking the first step of an important adventure. And when you are scared and are not strong enough to help yourself, you eventually ask for something or someone powerful to help. This is as natural as death, hope always dies last, and so the hope of being saved seems like the final attempt to escape. And that is exactly what this poem portrays: feelings of sadness, desire for a better tomorrow, love and genuine happiness in the face of escape.
But if you can’t run away in reality, you can always do it in a poem.