October 10, 2019

Are we socially deprived in Govan?

james holloway

Digital imagesdocumentary photography, 201821.0 x 29.7cm

Like a primitive society we have become people to be patronised, our community only suitable to be a route for academics, and our poverty, a shining light for reformers of every hue all determined to save our souls while they clothe us in their cast offs. We are society’s underachievers, unemployable, and socially deprived. Many of us are in fact, declassed elements. How could the families who came here at the turn of the century have ever envisaged the testament to political failure that Govan has become? Govan has become an indicator of brutalisation of poverty and unemployment, with addiction and youth issues now accepted with a degree of cynicism. Once described as a historical mantle, the character of Govan has taken on the mantle of a custodial sentence with no hope of parole. Govan like many other Glasgow schemes is an espial of social and economic decline, and as you see it today, it is the best it will ever be.
The digital images compose the nuances of the built environment and the isolation of a quality of life and the apathy of a community.