“I think our society is run by insane people for insane objectives” – John Lennon 1968

This is a piece about wanting the world to change. The song is set in a melancholic mood because it is expressing sadness at the fact that people have been saying the same thing for decades…The world needs to change. Yet still there has been no significant change. This composition was inspired by the feeling I had as I stood under a waterfall. It felt as though the water was washing away the preconceptions and conditioning imposed upon me by society. I felt reborn. We need to move away from our supposedly ‘sane’ models of consumerism and planned obsolescence which are destroying the planet. We can create a better world where resources are shared, made and used sustainably. Now we must spread the word that it’s time to live differently. Western culture tends to lead the way, while other cultures look up to us and follow our example. We must make others aware that our consumerist lifestyle cannot continue. Music has the power to influence and transform people and societies. Once in harmony, we can create a better future and a truly beautiful world.